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Frequently Asked Questions

What products does learning a-Z offer?

Our suite of products includes: Raz-Plus, Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids, Headsprout, Science A-Z, Writing A-Z, and Vocabulary A-Z. Learning A-Z resources are used by more than 7 million students in more than 170 countries. Learning A-Z is a business unit of Cambium Learning Group, Inc. based in Dallas, Texas.

What is a-Z learning?

Learning A-Z products and resources meet the challenges of literacy instruction in today’s world. Explore our award-winning products to see how they empower teachers and equip students with the skills they need for success in the classroom and beyond. Reading A-Z provides best-in-class leveled reading resources to easily differentiate instruction.

What can I do with kids a-Z?

With Kids A-Z, students can complete various interactive activities from the Raz-Kids, Science A-Z, and Headsprout products and update their robot avatars on mobile devices. The Kids A-Z app is free to download, but access to Raz-Kids, Science A-Z, and Headsprout content requires subscriptions to the respective product.

How does the learning a-Z text leveling system measure text complexity?

The Learning A-Z Text Leveling System's leveling criteria accurately and reliably measures text complexity to support differentiated instruction. Our Text Leveling System follows the guidelines for determining text complexity outlined in national and state standards.

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