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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Advanced Learner Dictionary?

The best-known advanced learner's dictionaries are: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, first published in 1948. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, first published in 1978. Collins Cobuild English Dictionary, first published in 1987 and now published as Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary. More items...

What is a synonym for learner?

learner, scholar, assimilator(noun) someone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs. Synonyms: bookman, apprentice, scholar, scholarly person, prentice, assimilator, student. apprentice, learner, prentice(noun) works for an expert to learn a trade. Synonyms:

What is a student Dictionary?

Definition of “student” - English Dictionary. “student” in American English. › a person who is studying at a school, college, or university: He is a student at the University of California. › Someone who is a student of a particular subject is very interested in it: As a nurse, you get to be a student of human nature.

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