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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to learn English in English?

The packaging and user manual, however, are in English. :: 850 hours of learning, the most extensive offer on the market for English software. :: 4 levels in one package: Complete Beginner, Beginner English, Intermediate and Advanced, to reach fluency in English.

What is included in the English for beginners course?

It covers all the skills to learn English: reading and writing, listening and speaking, English grammar, English vocabulary, and culture. :: An Audio CD is included to reinforce your learning.

How many lessons are in the petralingua® multimedia English course?

Click for a complete English lesson preview. The PetraLingua® multimedia English course for children consists of 21 everyday lessons. You can see the list of lessons here. Each lesson includes an introductory video followed by a revision version to repeat the words and sentences spoken by a native speaker in the video.

What is daily English conversation?

Daily English Conversation is a free Channel for English learners. We study how to learn English speaking easily. You'll also see lessons for English speaking pratice, tenses in English grammar with examples. You will find free English vocabulary Videos, English grammar Videos, English exercises and English lessons.

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