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Frequently Asked Questions

How to give directions in English?

Remember to practice the prepositions, which are also used when giving directions in English. Go straight on Main Street. Turn left at the supermarket. Turn right on the next corner. Go past the cinema and you’ll find the library. If you cross the street, you’ll find a bookstore there! Go along the main road until you find the gas station.

What is the best way to learn directions?

The best way to learn directions is to do a proper English course that gives you the chance to practice in a controlled environment with guidance and feedback. At Wall Street English you can learn how to give and understand directions through fun interactive activities and by practicing in small classes led by native teachers.

How do I teach directdirections?

Directions can be challenging to teach however its practical uses are readily understood by students and there are many fun activities you can incorporate into your lessons to make them more enjoyable. Typically the first directions lesson would follow lessons introducing vocabulary such as: These will be used extensively in directions lessons.

How can I improve my directions vocabulary?

Play some word games to learn and practise directions vocabulary. Are you good at giving directions? Do you or your child need more help with your English?

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