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Frequently Asked Questions

What is direct English and how does it work?

Direct English is one of the most effective English language training systems in the world. It’s produced by Linguaphone Group – a world-leading language training company from the UK with over 115 years of experience supporting students like you. Put simply, Direct English works because it fits around you.

Can you learn English online from home?

Learning English just got easier. Our world-renowned and proven Direct English language system is now available online, so you can develop confidence and proficiency in the English language from the comfort of your home. Direct English. Learn English anytime, anywhere with Direct English Live.

What is Learndirect?

learndirect - UK’s largest provider of courses, training and employment services | learndirect Your Career, Sorted The UK’s Leading Online Course Provider

What is a direct English training center?

Conversation Classes – Our Direct English training centers offer conversation classes to supplement students’ language learning. The group lessons provide an interactive environment to practice English that students have learned. They are designed to encourage natural conversation, to eventually speak like a fluent English speaker!

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