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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lean problem solving process?

Lean Problem Solving (1 Day Class) In order to build the culture of problem solving, an organization needs a " Community of THINKERS ", working together on continuous improvement and the A3 problem-solving process which aligns with organization's business objectives. Their goal is to design a sustainable rigorous problem-solving process that is,...

What are the different methods of problem solving?

Problem solving is at the root of business, science, technology, learning and personal experience. Problem solving methods include areas such as scientific methods, analysis, logic, rational thought, intuition, creativity and design thinking.

What are some examples of problem solving?

Problem solving is a highly sought-after skill. There are many techniques to problem solving. Examples include trial and error, difference reduction, means-ends analysis, working backwards, and analogies.

What is process improvement tools?

Continuous quality improvement tools are any tools that serve the quality improvement process. In general, this term refers to technology such as outcomes management software. This term can also involve statistical tools which are used to analyze data, as well as any tools required in the data collection process.

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