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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in the lean problem-solving process?

When using the lean problem-solving techniques, you will go through a series of steps to get the results that are needed. The steps in the Lean problem-solving process are as follows: Identify the Problem – The first thing to do is identify what the actual problem is.

Who should be involved in a LEAN methodology?

Part of the Lean methodology is to work with various teams to come up with the best way of doing things. If you are facing a problem that needs a solution, you will want to include people from various groups such as: Front Line Employees – These are typically the people who will deal with the problem on a regular basis.

How do lean thinkers learn?

One-way Lean Thinkers learn is through problem solving. Developing problem solving capability must be a core part of the DNA of any aspiring Lean organisation.

What is open ended problem solving?

Open ended problem solving – tackling problems when we may not know exactly where we are heading, often resulting in innovations that we didn’t even anticipate. For any lean thinker Art’s insights provide a step change in thinking around lean transformation and problem solving.

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