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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in the lean problem-solving process?

When using the lean problem-solving techniques, you will go through a series of steps to get the results that are needed. The steps in the Lean problem-solving process are as follows: Identify the Problem – The first thing to do is identify what the actual problem is.

Who should be involved in a LEAN methodology?

Part of the Lean methodology is to work with various teams to come up with the best way of doing things. If you are facing a problem that needs a solution, you will want to include people from various groups such as: Front Line Employees – These are typically the people who will deal with the problem on a regular basis.

Are problems good or bad for Lean management?

Read more about the role of the Lean Manager in Solving Problems. Importantly this article points out that “Problems are Good” as they give us opportunities to improve.

How important is problem-solving in your business?

It is important that problem-solving is a routine process in your business and not just a one-off event. At TXM we have developed our Solving Problems Every Day Process (SPED), This is a system that encouraged daily problem solving using simple “concern strips” at every work team.

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