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Frequently Asked Questions

Why to use A3 problem solving?

A3 is a useful problem-solving tool that has some significant advantages: It is simple and promotes mentoring and collaboration. It fights the root cause, but not only the symptoms. It encourages cross-organizational knowledge sharing. You can use the A3 report for several other things, including reporting, coaching, proposing improvements, etc.

What is lean problem solving process?

Lean Problem Solving (1 Day Class) In order to build the culture of problem solving, an organization needs a " Community of THINKERS ", working together on continuous improvement and the A3 problem-solving process which aligns with organization's business objectives. Their goal is to design a sustainable rigorous problem-solving process that is,...

What is lean A3 process?

The A3 process is a Toyota-pioneered practice of getting a problem, an analysis, a corrective action, and an action plan written down on a single sheet of large paper, often with the use of simple graphics. The automaker uses it as a powerful lean management tool.

What is A3 methodology?

The A3 process is a methodology for getting to the root cause of a problem and addressing it in a way that will permanently eliminate it.

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