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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it time for Kanpur residents to ditch city Diwali?

Lucknow: It's time for Kanpur residents to ditch city Diwali and escape to a hill station as the air quality seems to be dipping continuously in town with the industrial city topping the list of most polluted cities of the country.

How to celebrate Diwali in India?

On the day of Diwali, people should get up early in the morning and pay tribute to their ancestors and worship family gods. Being Amavasya day, people also perform Shradh for their ancestors. Traditionally, most Puja are performed after keeping a day long fast.

What happened to missing six-year-old girl in Kanpur?

KANPUR: A six-year-old girl, who had gone missing on Diwali night, was found killed in a jungle near her house in Ghatampur area on Sunday morning, police said.

How Akshar Kumar is celebrating Diwali for the families of 103 slain cops?

The Diwali festival has become merrier for families of 103 slain policemen and army personnel in Maharashtra, courtesy an initiative by a senior IPS officer and actor Akshar Kumar, with the latter contributing over Rs 25 lakh for the cause.

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