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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a larval core in Minecraft?

Larval Core is a curiosity. Larval Core is a curiosity that drops when a Whispering Egg is destroyed. It will disappear if not picked up within a few seconds of spawning. A pulsating jellied orb, this gooey sphere is warm to the touch. Its stench triggers a primal fear in mortal beings, a deep-seated gnawing that begs you to drop it and flee.

What are larval cores and whispering eggs in no man's Sky?

Nevertheless, Larval Cores are incredibly useful in crafting and when sold to earn more units in No Man's Sky. Sooner or later, players may want to risk getting their hands on one or more. Whispering Eggs are found at Abandoned Buildings in No Man's Sky.

What can you do with larval cores in no man's Sky?

Larval Cores are combined with 10 Silver to craft a Sample Containment, which is used in base-building in No Man's Sky. It is also used in a variety of cooking recipes, such as the Parasitic Omelette, Monstrous Custard, or Wailing Batter. If that doesn’t sound appetizing, players can also sell Larval Cores.

How do you get larval cores?

It might seem like an incredibly bad idea to disturb the eggs, but it is the only way to get Larval Cores. Upon the destruction of a Whispering Egg, a Larval Core is dropped, and it needs to be picked up within a few seconds, or else it will disappear.

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