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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of larva?

Head: The head has large compound eyes and, if mouthparts are present, they are almost always a drinking straw-like proboscis. Scales: Scales cover the external surface of the body and appendages. Thorax: The prothorax is usually reduced. Wings: Two pairs of wings are present in almost all taxa. ... More items...

What is the meaning of larva?

larva(Noun) An early stage of growth for some insects and amphibians, in which after hatching from their egg, insects are wingless and resemble a caterpillar or grub, and amphibians lack limbs and ressemble fish. larva(Noun) An animal in the aforementioned stage.

What does larve mean?

Plural larvae (lär′vē) or larvas. 1. An animal in an early stage of development that differs greatly in appearance from its adult stage. Larvae are adapted to a different environment and way of life than adults and go through a process of metamorphosis in changing to adults.

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