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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story of larva Island?

Larva Island Larva friends Red and Yellow wake up to find themselves on a tropical island with exotic animals -- and one gigantic creature. 4. Chuck Red and Yellow watch curiously as their human neighbor scribbles marks on a wall, tries to build a boat and eats a meal made entirely of greens.

Who are the actors in larva Island?

Larva Island: With Eddy Lee, Erica Schroeder, Tom Wayland. Stranded on a tropical island, two goofy larva buddies find slapstick fun in everything from discovering food to meeting new animal friends.

What is the name of the 4th larva season?

Larva Island is the name of the 4th and 5th seasons of Larva the series takes place on a small island where Red and Yellow are stranded. This season completely consists of a new cast of characters including Chuck, the first character in the series to ever speak. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Is there a battle royale on larva Island 2018?

Larva Island (2018–2019) Error: please try again. A battle royale rages with the big-city invaders on one side and Red, Yellow and their island allies on the other. 19. Larva Island (2018–2019)

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