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Frequently Asked Questions

What state has a capital named Lansing?

The capital of Michigan was named for John Lansing, an early American statesman.

How did Lansing become the capital of Michigan?

Lansing is the state capital of Michigan. It started as what was considered an insignificant settlement in the backwoods of Michigan, and almost unbelievably became its state capital in a slick move by state legislatures. It is a Michigan success story today.

What was the capital of Michigan before it was Lansing?

What was the capital of Michigan before Lansing? Ann Arbor. Detroit. Grand Rapids. Kalamazoo. Answer: The correct answer is Detroit.

Is Lansing the capital of Michigan?

Capital City of Michigan USA. Lansing is the state capital of Michigan, located in the southern lower peninsula of the state, where the Grand river and Red Cedar river converge. All State Capitals.

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