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Frequently Asked Questions

What does lamprey taste like?

What does lamprey taste like? Lamprey can be likened to meat, but you cannot specifically say it tastes like meat or fish. It has a texture that could be crunchy, if the notochord is not removed and soft if it is removed.

Do lamprey have a backbone?

Lampreys may look like eels, but they lack a true backbone – although they do have a gelatinous rod of tissue running down their backs. They can grow to 50–60 centimetres in length. After spending time at sea, lampreys return to fresh water.

Does a lamprey have a spinal cord?

Spinal cords are precarious things; once contorted or broken, they cannot be regrown… unless you’re a lamprey. A lamprey, not to be confused with an eel, is a jawless fish that is characterized by a toothed, cylindrical mouth that it bores into its prey to suck out the blood.

What are the characteristics of a lamprey?

General Characteristics Sea lamprey are generally 12 to 20 inches long They weigh 8 to 13 ounces each Sea lamprey are grayish blue-black with metallic violet on their sides with silver white coloration on the underside

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