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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a lamp rewired?

Remove the socket from its base, cut the old cord and pull it out. Feed the cord up through the threaded tube in the lamp's body (Photo 2). Then connect the new cord to the socket. Most cords come with the ends already stripped, so you won't even need a wire stripper for this how to rewire a lamp project. Replace a problem plug

How do you repair a table lamp?

To repair a table lamp switch, replace the bulb, tighten or reattach any loosely attached or broken terminal wires inside the socket respectively if the new bulb fails to light, and then replace the socket if the bulb still fails. This procedure, however, varies with the lamp type and make. Disconnect...

How do I repair a touch lamp?

Resetting the touch lamp requires replacing the touch-control box. Remove the finial holding the shade onto your touch lamp. Take off the lampshade to access the lamp harp. Squeeze the sides of the harp toward each other to release it from the harp saddle beneath the socket.

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