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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LAANC stand for?

UAS Data Exchange (LAANC) The FAA UAS Data Exchange is an innovative, collaborative approach between government and private industry facilitating the sharing of airspace data between the two parties.

What is lalaanc and how does it work?

LAANC automates the application and approval process for airspace authorizations. Through automated applications developed by an FAA Approved UAS Service Suppliers (USS) pilots apply for an airspace authorization.

How do I apply for LAANC?

There are two ways to use LAANC: To submit a "further coordination request" if you need to fly above the designated altitude ceiling in a UAS Facility Map, up to 400 feet. Applicants may apply up to 90 days in advance of a flight and the approval is coordinated manually through the FAA. (available to Part 107 pilots only)

Who are LAANC service suppliers?

The following companies have completed the technical steps required — and entered into agreement with the FAA to provide LAANC Services: = publicly available service Other LAANC Service Suppliers ANRA Technologies, ATA, Botlink, Drone Up, FA&A, Simulyze, Skygrid, Thales Group

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