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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ‘learning pod’?

With most schools across California closed for the foreseeable future, families with financial resources are rushing to hire tutors and teachers to augment distance learning with children individually or in small groups in their spacious backyards or homes, creating an overnight coronavirus cottage industry: “learning pods.”

What are micro-schools and how are they similar to pods?

Even before the pandemic, there were micro-schools and other small, creative learning environments that share some similarities with the learning pods forming today. QuantumCamp and Acton Academy were founded in 2009, and are two examples of early micro-school learning programs.

Is the learning pod movement gaining traction?

Although some families and students have adjusted well to online learning, the learning pod movement is gaining traction. Since L.A. Unified shut down, retired teacher Julie Kohner, who advertised her services on Nextdoor, has received five to 10 calls a day from parents, she said.

Are pod tutoring services the future of the tutoring industry?

While the tutoring industry is well-established, companies are pivoting to meet the “pod” demand, said Roman Slavinsky, owner and chief executive of A+ Tutoring. He compares outdoor tutoring to outdoor dining, with kids socially distanced and teachers “hovering.”

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