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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of completing diversion through La learning?

If you have received a traffic citation and were directed here, completion of Diversion through LA LEARNINGcan provide you the following benefits: Receive valuable driver improvement and traffic safety information.

Where can I take English courses in Los Angeles?

ELC provides the best language courses and schools in Los Angeles, Boston, and Santa Barbara. Since 1978.

Why study English at ELC Los Angeles?

Located in sunny Southern California, Los Angeles is also one of the top travel destinations in the U.S. If you choose to study English at English Language Center (ELC) in Los Angeles, you will find a perfect combination of abundant natural beauty, endless entertainment, and world-class universities and museums.

How to create a curated learning Action Plan?

By having multiple learning approaches to choose from, an employee can design a curated learning action plan that takes into account the employee’s specific development need, preferred learning style, workload, and availability. In-person courses and workshops taught in group settings with other learners

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