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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TKA's nationality?

All of TKA's members are of Puerto Rican descent. Many Freestyle fans consider them the kings of that genre, although Kayel seemingly downplayed this label, having jokingly stated "There are no kings in freestyle. There is only one king in it—myself."

Who are the original members of TKA?

TKA is the best-selling Latin freestyle band in history. The group comprising a trio was prominent in the 1980s and early 1990s, particularly in New York City, Chicago, and Miami. Its members originally were Tony Ortiz, Louis "Kayel" Sharpe, and Ralph "Aby" Cruz—the original lead singer.

What kind of school is TKA?

We are a Christian, JK-12 college preparatory school. TKA is a vibrant, engaging community. We share a common goal of creating a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere that involves the whole family!

What happened to TKA after they split?

A greatest hits package was released in 1992, with a new track, "Maria", which was released as a single. Following the split, the members of TKA went on to pursue independent interests.

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