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Frequently Asked Questions

Will krikzz's OS update work with the ed64plus?

There probably never will be another firmware upgrade for the ED64plus anyway, so nevermind all that. The menu used for ED64plus is the Everdrive v1.28 OS, it has since been updated for the original Everdrive to OS v1.29. I have tested Krikzz's OS update with the ED64plus and it works flawlessly, but make sure to rename "OS64.V64" to "OS64P.V64".

What is the latest version of os64p V64?

OS64P.V64, latest ver 1.28 (Operation System Update) USB Loader (Device Driver for Computer and Instruction Sheet) FIRMWARE ALT64 – v0.1.8.23 by saturnu Code engine by Jay Oster

How do you load ROMs on the ed64plus?

Aditionally ROMS can be loaded by using the built-in microUSB slot. One major flaw in the design of the ED64plus though is that the cart has to be removed from the N64 every time the SD card need to be removed, it would've been a smarter move to put it on the opposite side of teh microUSD slot.

What is the latest version offirmware alt64 for NTSC?

FIRMWARE ALT64 – v0.1.8.23 by saturnu Code engine by Jay Oster SAVE OK. (GOOD CONFIGURATED & RESET) CHANGE WALLPAPERS & FONTS. Just download and decompress to root sd: this version is for NTSC consoles. To use PAL edit ALT64.ini change PAL options (can use notepad)

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