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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Krikit work?

The belt will deflect downward and push the arm of the Krikit up across a scale on the top of the gauge. At a certain amount of force applied to the finger pad, the Krikit will ‘click’.

How do you use a Krikit gauge?

To use the Krikit gauge insert your finger under the rubber strap and onto the pressure pad. Place the gauge on the back of the belt, not the rib side, center across the width of the belt and as close to the center of the belt span.

What is the best way to measure tension in a belt?

Two of the lower cost options that Gates offers for tension testers are the Pencil Type Gauge, and the Krikit Gauge. Both of these are easy to use tools that allow the user to measure tension in the belt, and compare it to recommended tensions, but they function a little differently.

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