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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Krajina stand for?

Krajina ( pronounced [krâjina]) is a Slavic toponym, meaning ' frontier ' or ' march '. The term is related with kraj or krai, originally meaning "edge" and today denoting a region or province, usually distant from the metropole.

Who is Alexander Krajina?

Alexander Anthony Krajina, MD, is a general internist who practices adult medical care. Dr. Krajina's clinical interests include disease prevention, early identification of illnesses with patient involvement in treatment planning and chronic disease management.

What is Vojna Krajina?

(The South Slav translation, Vojna Krajina, was used 300 years later in the name given to the areas of Croatia that local Serb majorities attempted to disconnect from Croatia following its secession from Yugoslavia.) Also dating from the time of the great migration of 1691 was the gradual conversion of…

What is the history of the krajian state?

The first known Krajian state is the Banate of Krajina, established by the first ban of the state, Roman the Strong. When the Banate of Bosnia invaded Krajina, Krajian people revolted immediately.

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