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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Košice located?

The city also has a zoo located northwest of the city, within the borough of Kavečany . Košice is the seat of the Košice Region, and since 2002 it is the seat of the autonomous Košice Self-governing Region. Additionally, it is the seat of the Slovak Constitutional Court.

Who is the present Mayor of Košice?

The present mayor is Ing. Jaroslav Polaček. He was inaugurated on December 10, 2018. Administratively, the city of Košice is divided into four districts: Košice I (covering the center and northern parts), Košice II (covering the southwest), Košice III (east), and Košice IV (south) and further into 22 boroughs (wards):

Which radio stations are based in Košice?

Radio stations based in Košice: Rádio Košice, Dobré rádio, Rádio Kiss, Rádio Šport, and the public broadcaster RTVS Rádio Regina Košice Košice is the economic hub of eastern Slovakia. It accounts for about 9% of the Slovak gross domestic product.

What is the daily paper in Košice?

The daily paper in Košice is Korzár. Recently, the daily paper Košice:Dnes (Košice: Today) came into existence. TV stations based in Košice: TV Naša, TV Region and public TV broadcaster RTVS Televízne štúdio Košice .

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