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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the airport in Košice?

Košice International Airport ( Slovak: Medzinárodné letisko Košice) ( IATA: KSC, ICAO: LZKZ) is an international airport serving Košice, Slovakia. It is the second largest international airport in Slovakia.

What to do in Košice?

The city of Košice and eastern Slovakia offers undiscovered attractions, Unesco world heritages, cultural events, historical monuments and natural beauties. Catchment area of Košice Airport is more than 3 million inhabitants of eastern Slovakia and border areas.

What are the main industries in Košice?

The city of Košice has a historically industrial tradition, in addition to the metallurgical industry, there is a developed engineering, construction, food, printing and textile industries.

Why invest in Košice?

The city of Košice is the most economically strong and natural center not only in eastern Slovakia, but also in the cross-border region (covering part of Hungary, Ukraine and Poland). This also supports the channeling of domestic and foreign investment to the city itself or its immediate vicinity, as well as the development of SMEs.

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