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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the mayor of Košice inaugurated?

He was inaugurated on December 10, 2018. Administratively, the city of Košice is divided into four districts: Košice I (covering the center and northern parts), Košice II (covering the southwest), Košice III (east), and Košice IV (south) and further into 22 boroughs (wards): Košice is the second university town in Slovakia, after Bratislava.

What is the population of Košice?

With a population of approximately 240,000, Košice is the second-largest city in Slovakia, after the capital Bratislava .

What is Košice famous for?

In 2013 Košice was the European Capital of Culture, together with Marseille, France. Košice is an important industrial centre of Slovakia, and the U.S. Steel Košice steel mill is the largest employer in the city.

How did Košice become part of Slovakia?

After World War I and during the gradual break-up of Austria-Hungary, the city at first became a part of the transient " Eastern Slovak Republic ", declared on December 11, 1918, in Košice and earlier in Prešov under the protection of Hungary.

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