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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Knabenschiessen?

September 11 – 13, 2021 “Knabenschiessen” often causes some confusion among the uninformed. For this popular public festival does not entail shooting boys. Quite the contrary: at this rifle shooting competition, local boys – and for number of years now, girls too – have the opportunity to test and demonstrate their shooting skills.

Is Knabenschiessen a holiday in Zurich?

Knabenschiessen is not an official holiday in Zurich. However, many businesses may close or have reduced opening hours on the last day of the festival period (Monday). Schools generally close on that day. The Knabenschiessen shooting competition has been organized by Zurich's marksmen club ( Schützengesellschaft) since 1898.

When is the best time to go to Knabenschiessen?

Celebrated on the afternoon of the Monday after the second weekend in September. Knabenschiessen is a traditional shooting competition for teenagers and is held on the second weekend of September each year. The Monday afternoon is a holiday observed across the city.

When was the first female winner of the Knabenschiessen shooting competition?

However, with dwindling numbers of participants that monopoly was abolished in 1991 - and 1997 saw the first female winner. Every year about 5000 boys and girls aged 13 to 17 take part in the Knabenschiessen shooting competition.

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