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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Khanate mean?

A Khanate ( Arabic: خانات ‎, Arabic pronunciation: [kha'naːat]) was an Islamic state under the leadership of an Islamic ruler with the title of khan ). This political entity was typically found on the Eurasian Steppe and could be equivalent in status to tribal chiefdom, principality, kingdom or empire.

Which khanate included Persia?

The Khanate included the Crimean peninsula and the adjacent steppes, mostly corresponding to the parts of South Ukraine between the Dnepr and the Donets (i.e. including most of present-day Zaporizhia Oblast, left-Dnepr parts of Kherson Oblast, besides minor parts of southeastern Dnipropetrovsk Oblast and western Donetsk Oblast).

What is the Khanate of the Great Khan?

The Great Khanate was a totalitarian dictatorship on the planet Earth and was led by the Augments during the Eugenics Wars of the 20th century. The Battle of the Sea of Japan was a turning point in the Eugenics Wars, which broke the power of Khan Noonien Singh in the Great Khanate.

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