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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Khan Academy really help for the math?

Khan Academy was started as a tool for users to fill in the gaps in their mathematical knowledge and allow them to expand and grow their mathematical knowledge. Over the years teachers and parents have used it for a variety of purposes and provided feedback regarding their experiences; from this feedback the Khan Academy staff and developers have tried to improve on their product.

How many avatars are their in Kahn Academy?

Avatars are the icons used to identify Khan Academy users. Different avatars are available at different energy point levels or by mastering/finishing tasks. In total, there are 75 avatars (this includes Christmas avatars and all avatar evolutions).

Which software does Khan Academy use?

Camtasia Khan Academy is used heavily by instructional designers. It allows flexibility to create content, publish and distribute to learners on time, without involving too much cost and labour-intensive training. It also offers a basic version of their software known as Snagit.

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