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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to open an IRP account in Kentucky?

Three forms of proof of Kentucky physical address. Examples of these are articles of incorporation, copies of Kentucky vehicle title, filed income tax return, phone or utility bills. All proofs must match the name and physical address on the account. P.O. Box address proofs are not acceptable. Each year, every IRP account must be renewed.

Does Kentucky issue decals to affix to the IRP plate?

No, Kentucky no longer issues decals to affix to the IRP plate. the IRP Permanent Cab Card is sufficient in all jurisdictions.

How much does it cost to pay IRP?

From the IRP Online page you can pay IRP bills online via electronic check (ACH) for a flat $3.00 fee or a credit card with a 4% processing fee. Can I do IRP transactions on the web?

What documents do I need to register a company in KY?

Principal owner of the Company will need proof of ownership of the company (copy of a valid KY driver's license). Completed Schedule B TC95-303. Completed Operational Lease Agreement Form TC 95-641.

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