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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet do?

The Personnel Cabinet's mission is to take care of state government employees as well as those seeking employment with the state. It is responsible for managing and enhancing the workplace for all state workers in Kentucky. Find Kentucky Personnel information.

What is the Personnel Cabinet report system?

This system was established by the Finance and Administration Cabinet to provide an avenue for state employees and others to report questionable activities within state government. Be #HealthyAtHome with these FREE telehealth resources for KEHP members. Personnel Cabinet events open to state employees. Read about them.

Why work for kentkentucky?

Kentucky is proud of its quality workforce and we have the resources to help you land that perfect job. A great place to live and work! Kentucky is a great place to find employment!

How can I view changes to the Personnel Cabinet?

Connect with the Commonwealth on LinkedIn to view important information, upcoming events, and job postings. To ensure the safety of customers and staff, various offices within the Personnel Cabinet have adjusted service models. To continue to provide the services you need, please click the link to view changes.

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