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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kentucky online gateway account?

That is just a fancy description for the software system designed to keep your data safe and to let you easily connect to the business applications that you frequently use. Creating a Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG) Account is easy and requires a minimal amount of information.

What is a kykog account?

KOG provides single sign-on access to services within the Commonwealth. A KOG account is required to register and/or manage a business online using the Kentucky Business One Stop Portal (KYBOS) website. Already have a KOG account?

What is the Kentucky Department of insurance eServices?

The Kentucky Department of Insurance’s eServices is used by Individuals, Business Entities, Insurers, and Continuing Education Providers to conduct insurance licensing actions within the Commonwealth. There are over 300,000 users with eServices accounts and they can perform a variety of activities including:

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