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How many fingers does Kentucky linebacker TJ Weaver have on his hand?

Kentucky Wildcats linebacker J.J. Weaver went viral on Saturday ahead of the team’s game against No. 1 ranked Georgia. The picture surfaced showing Weaver and his six fingers he has on his right hand. Weaver has six fingers on his right hand, which is known as polydactyly.

Did you spot the six-fingered glove that Kyler Weaver wears during games?

Many of you might already know about Weaver’s extra appendage, but during Saturday night’s ESPN2 broadcast, in which Kentucky snuck out of Columbia with a 16-10 victory over South Carolina, we got a view of the six-fingered Nike glove that he wears during games.

How many fingers does Daunte Weaver have on his hand?

The former Moore High School star gained national attention during Kentucky's game against South Carolina when the ESPN2 television crew showcased his six-fingered right glove. Weaver was born with six functioning fingers on that hand.

How many tackles does Weaver have for Kentucky football?

Weaver is in his third season with the Wildcats and through six games he has 17 total tackles and four sacks. He’s been a key member of the Kentucky defense which has helped the team to an undefeated record so far. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COM

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