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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any karaoke bars in New York City?

Lucky for all of us, New York City is chock-full of karaoke bars built for everyone, whether you’re into singing showtunes in a bear bar or croon the best the ‘80s has to offer in a private room filled with your closest friends. Here we dive into the best karaoke bars the city has to offer—get your vocal chords ready.

Which is the best karaoke bar in Chelsea?

With new songs added every month, Karaoke One 7 has become one of the most popular sing-along joints in the city and the best Chelsea has to offer. #5. Asia Roma Bi-level joint with Karaoke on both levels. More lounge and bar than food joint, but for sure tables to sit and munch on Asian-Italian fusion fare. #6. Biny Japan Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

Is there a karaoke bar in Times Square?

This subterranean karaoke hideaway is a welcome diversion in the heart of Times Square for tourists and locals alike. Descend into the white-hued lounge with low tables and comfy benches to watch Broadway wannabes perform on a stage.

Why choose karaoke city?

Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Karaoke City is the perfect spot to grab a couple of friends for a night of karaoke kraziness, or request our party room and bring the whole house (up to 100 people)! Our private rooms are complete with modern finishes and state of the art equipment. All rooms offer full bar service for your convenience.

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