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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kammback on a car?

A Kammback —also known as "Kamm tail" or "K-tail"—is an automotive styling feature. The rear of the car slopes downwards before abruptly cutting off with a vertical surface. A Kammback minimizes aerodynamic drag while maintaining a practical shape for a vehicle.

What is a Kamm tail?

The Kamm tail presented a partial solution to the problem of aerodynamic lift, which was becoming severe as sports car racing speeds increased during the 1950s.

Do you need a rear spoiler with a Kamm tail?

The Kamm tail decreased the area of the lifting surface while creating a low-pressure zone underneath the tail. Some studies showed the addition of a rear spoiler to a kammback design was not beneficial because the overall drag increased with the angles that were studied.

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The Lodge complements all the mountain offers from skiing and snowboarding to PA’s largest outdoor water park, zip line adventures and more. With Camelback's countless adventures, we are sure to be your one-stop-shop resort in the Pocono Mountains.

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