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Frequently Asked Questions

What are self-discovery journal prompts?

Get Free Journal Prompts for Self-discovery Self-discovery journal prompts can help guide you toward becoming the best and most authentic version of yourself. You’ll find prompts about work and career, discovering your life’s purpose, personal growth, finding your passions, and relationships, among others.

Is journaling a good way to teach self-discovery?

Journaling is also a great method for self-reflection and can easily be part of daily routines, in and out of the classroom! You can use these self-discovery prompts and questions to encourage your students to discover more about who they are and who they want to become.

What are journal prompts for self awareness?

Journal prompts for self awareness allow you to reflect on your self-esteem, your goals, living intentionally — and focus on YOU. Because when you understand yourself better, you can take the actions to grow — even if it’s baby steps and/or admitting you need help.

What are daily journal prompts?

If journaling is new or you find it challenging, daily journal prompts can help guide you. Using specific types of prompts, such as journaling prompts for self-discovery, makes your journaling practice focused on achieving something specific—in this case, discovering yourself.

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