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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the shroudbreaker journal on Ancient Isle?

See its precise location on your interactive SoT companion map: Shroudbreaker Journal #4 on Thieves’ Haven. You can find this journal on the other Ancient Isle outpost: Plunder Outpost. This is a rather convenient location.

Where to find shroudbreaker in the shroudbreaker tall tale?

The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale takes players across The Ancient Isles to find what happened to the Pirate Lord 's Ship Magpie’s Wing and whether it still has clues to the location of The legendary artefact Shroudbreaker. The Tall Tale starts and ends with the Mysterious Stranger at any Tavern .

Where can I find the shroudbringer journals?

Here is where you may find the five Shroudbringer Journals: Journal #2 - Ancient Spire Outpost - in a candlelit cave inside the north spire Journal #4 - Thieve's Haven - in a crate under a hut on the NW side of the inside of the island

Where can I find the ship's log in shroudbreaker?

Perhaps moved by the undulating sea, lately the ship’s log has been found in the Captain’s Chair. Swim on over to the shipwrecked captain’s quarters, pick up the Ship’s Log, and the Ship’s Log pages will be added to your Shroudbreaker Tall Tale book.

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