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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find the journals in dark brethren?

There are a total of ten journals to find in Dark Brethren. While they are all part of the Lost at Sea set, there are two different authors. One set of journals belong to First Mate Yenay. But, mysteriously, it is unclear who the author is for the other set of journals. All ten of the journals will be found in the Coral Fortress.

Where to find the dark Brethren Journal in Sea of thieves?

After the second Dark Brethren journal in Sea of Thieves, players will enter a small room. Use the geyser to reach a ledge, then the pulley to move a wooden beam. Cross the beam and move past the yellow plant. Instead of keeping on the pathway, hop down to the other side to find the journal stashed there.

Where can I find Davy Jones' journals?

Davy Jones and his Dark Brethren have scattered 10 journals across one of the largest Tall Tales in all of Sea of Thieves. Here's how to find them. Davy Jones and his Dark Brethren are plotting to take over the Sea of Thieves.

What is the dark brethren tall tale?

Davy Jones and his Dark Brethren are plotting to take over the Sea of Thieves. Like good villains, they were kind enough to detail their plans in a set of journals before spreading them around for you to find in the Dark Brethren Tall Tale. But why hunt all 10 of them down?

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