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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the joint capsule supposed to be tight?

In its normal state, the joint capsule must be tight enough to prevent slipping or abnormal movements of the bones (dislocation or subluxation). At the same time, it must also be flexible enough to allow full normal motion at each particular joint.

What causes capsular constriction of a joint?

There will be a presence of a typical pattern in the joint, if the capsule of the joint is affected. This pattern could be a resultant of joint reaction with muscle spasm that leads to capsular constriction. There could be osteophyte formation too as a possible factor for restriction.

Do posterior capsule and muscle tightness affect scapular internal rotation?

Posterior capsule tightness significantly increased scapular internal rotation (P< .01), but posterior muscle tightness did not change scapular internal rotation (P= .62 to .89).

What is posterior joint capsule contracture?

Post-operative Posterior Joint Capsule Contracture: Posterior Joint Capsule Contracture following surgeries such as after a posterior capsular shift for posterior instability. The patient suffering from posterior joint capsule contracture experiences discrete and painful loss of internal rotation of shoulder.

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