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Frequently Asked Questions

Does JetBlue ever add flights?

Once last year and once on a trip I will be taking this summer. Direct flights are seldom added, but when JetBlue adds new locations (Hartford, DC-Reagan), they often add one stop and plane change flights. An example is DC where the best fares from Boston to orlando right now are on flights to DC then change to a flight to Orlando.

How do I Find my JetBlue confirmation number?

How do I find my JetBlue confirmation number? Go to ‘My Trips’ and under your trip, you should see your flight details including the confirmation number. You can request a receipt of your flight from JetBlue Airline from their receipt request page.

How to use JetBlue Airways customer service?

you can reach jetblue customer service by calling 800-538-2583 or through alternative methods, including email, twitter, facebook, and text or live chat via the jetblue mobile app. jetblue’s help... How to chat with JetBlue?? Try sending a message with Apple Business Chat if you have an iPhone.

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