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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jeans should a short man wear?

What Kind of Jeans Should a Short Man Wear? Most short men look best in slim tapered or straight fit jeans with a slight break (or no break). What Is the Shortest Length Men’s Jeans Come In?

What size jeans do you need for a shorter build?

Their jeans have shorter inseams, ranging from 25” inseam jeans to 29″. They also designed their jeans with a rise and leg openings that are proportionate to a shorter build so that you won’t need to get any alterations. You can use their fit guide to find the perfect pair of jeans for you.

What are the best jeans for 5'8 men?

Buying jeans that are the proper length to begin with is the best solution, and Peter Manning NYC is the best place to find jeans made specifically for men 5'8" and under. While low rise jeans are often "in style" for years at a time, this style isn't necessarily the most flattering fit for everyone - especially shorter men.

Are baggy jeans good for a shorter man?

Since getting well-fitting jeans is hard for men with muscular legs, they often opt for baggy jeans because at least they provide enough room to move around in. We’ve alluded to this throughout the article, but baggy jeans just don’t flatter you and your body. Baggy jeans on a shorter man look like you didn’t buy them for yourself.

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