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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy 28 inseam jeans for men?

Looking for 28 inseam jeans for men? There’s one website that not many would consider buying clothes, especially short guys. That website is….. Amazon. Yup! AMAZON. The giant online store caters clothes for short guys too. Who knew right? If you want jeans that are 28 inches inseam. Head over there. They even have dress pants and casual pants too.

What is the inseam measurement for short men's jeans?

For short men’s jeans, the inseam is the most important measurement. It’s the hidden reason why your jeans don’t fit the way you expect them to even when your waist feels snazzy. The tag on your jeans might look something like this: 33W 30L or 33 x 30. The inseam measurement refers to the second number of these pairs.

Does 28 inch inseam apply to Tees or sale items?

Does not apply to tees or sale items. Our men's 28 inch inseam pants promise style and comfort never before seen in clothing for short men. These jeans, chinos, pants and shorts are modern, durable and the perfect choice for men in need of a pair of pants that is 28 inches long.

What are the best short men's jeans?

Ash & Erie is another great option for short men who are okay with splurging on a pair of jeans. This Shark Tank funded company creates high-end clothing for men of modest height. The downside is that their prices are also rather high-end, but if you can afford it, their short inseam men’s jeans are worth the price.

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