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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Jeanneau Sun fast 3600 the sailboat of Dreams?

It’s been written before that sailboats are the stuff of dreams, and few designs support that contention better than the Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600. With its plumb bow and stern, twin rudders, low profile and powerful, wedge-shaped hull, this boat clearly has a healthy dose of Euro grand prix racer in its DNA.

What is the sun fast 3600?

The Sun Fast 3600 is a 35’5” (10.8m) racer-cruiser sailboat designed by Andrieu Yacht Design (France). She is built since 2013 by Jeanneau (France). She has been awarded " 2016 - IRC boat of the year ".

Is gunkholing aboard the sun fast 3600 a blast?

But I could see gunkholing aboard the Sun Fast 3600 being a blast. That having been said, a boat like the Sun Fast 3600 is all about performance, and with its powerful 751ft² of working sail, 6ft 11in high-aspect deep keel, fixed sprit, and the option of flying either an A-sail or symmetrical spinnaker, the boat has speed to burn.

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