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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most used messaging app in Japan?

Japan prefers its own local-born messenger LINE Although WhatsApp is the most used messaging app (worldwide), it’s not as popular as Facebook Messenger in US Messenger is the only app that appears in both countries’ top 5 chart. Messenger in Japan has the lowest number of MAUs

What is the most used messenger in the world?

Now let’s look at messengers! While it was previously shown that WhatsApp was the most used messenger in the world (in January) Facebook Messenger is the app with the highest number of MAUs in the US in February 2019. One may think that the number of users of both apps are in close proximity but the figure below shows the exact opposite.

Does WhatsApp work in Japan?

Short answer here; Yes it does, and so do all your other messaging apps. Personally, I use Line, Facebook Messenger, and sometimes even WeChat more than WhatsApp. Some (younger) people in Japan may also use KakaoTalk. However, as all the other answers have mentioned, LINE is the one most common app for messaging.

Why do the Japanese people from Japan use zingr?

The people from Japan use social app Zingr to chat with nearest people. This app helps them to reach nearest people and communicate. Most of Japan people spends more than 3 hours daily on chatting so social app Zingr is growing in Japan as one of the best messaging apps , American citizen living in Japan for over ten years.

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