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Frequently Asked Questions

What to know about the borrower defense to repayment rule?

The Borrower Defense to Repayment Rule Protects Students and Taxpayers: • The BD Rule creates a process for students to apply for relief from education loans based on school misconduct, and for the Education Department to fairly evaluate claims, so that students are not required to repay their education loans if they have been cheated.

Is ITT Tech closed?

ITT Technical Institute closed in 2016 amid investigations by multiple federal agencies over its recruiting and job placement claims. There were three ITT locations in Alabama - one in Madison, one in Mobile, and one in Bessemer. Together, the schools served about 1,600 students.

How to apply for Borrower Defense to repayment?

How to Apply for Borrower Defense To Repayment. To apply for borrower defense, complete these steps: 1. Fill Out the Application. You can apply online at Or, you can ...

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