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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of ITT?

ITT Inc. (formerly International Telephone & Telegraph), a large American manufacturing conglomerate. Invitation to tender for a contract, a call for bids. Invitation to treat that may or may not lead to a contract.

Where is ITT office?

The ITT office at Kirtland AFB is located inside of the Arts & Crafts Center –Tickets can be purchased at discounted prices, to attractions locally in New Mexico, as well as Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia and California.

What does ITT stand for ITT Technical Institute?

ITT Tech stands for ITT Technical Institute, a nationally-accredited school offering career-oriented education programs with a technical or business focus. The letters ITT originally stood for International Telephone and Telegraph, the company that owned the schools before 1994. The International Telephone...

Where is ITT headquarters?

ITT Technical Institute is a private technical academy founded in 1946, with headquarters in Carmel, Indiana, a suburb on the northern edge of Indianapolis. The Institute has expanded throughout the United States; there are over 100 ITT Technical Institutes in 37 states, and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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