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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "in and of itself" mean?

The usual phrase is “in and of itself” rather than “in of itself.” The phrase indicates that something is partly, but not fully, responsible for something else. For example, compare: Poor revenue was not the reason for the layoffs.

What is the thing in itself?

thing-in-itself (plural things-in-themselves) (from Kantian philosophy on) A thing as it is independent of any conceptualization or perception by the human mind, postulated by practical reason but existing in a condition which is in principle unknowable and unexperienceable.

What is the definition of itself?

Definition of itself. 1 : that identical one — compare it sense 1 —used reflexively watched the cat giving itself a bath , for emphasis the letter itself was missing , or in absolute constructions itself a splendid specimen of classic art, it has been exhibited throughout the world. 2 : its normal, healthy, or sane condition. in itself.

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