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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Israeli Special Forces called?

Israeli Commandos, also known as Sayeret (Hebrew for "reconnaissance unit") are soldiers specializing in special forces roles in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). All combat brigades in the IDG have a unit with improved weaponry and training for reconnaissance and special forces missions.

Do all Israeli's have to join the Army?

Nearly all Israelis, with few exceptions, are required to serve in the Israeli military. The Israel Defense Forces encompasses the country's army, navy and air force. Additionally, thousands of Jews and their descendants have expressed a desire to volunteer as soldiers for the IDF.

What is the most elite Special Force in the world?

The British Special Air Service, known as the SAS, is one of the world’s best special forces. SAS is the infantry counterpart to the SBS. They are most well trained, most elite special forces in the world.

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