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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GEOINT?

Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) supports this requirement by providing imagery, imagery intelligence (IMINT), geo -referenced data, and products (e.g., maps, charts, and elevation or vector information) that serve as a foundati on and common frame of reference for any joint operation. b.

What is the difference between GEOINT and SIGINT?

GEOINT geospatial intelligence HUMINT human intelligence MASINT measurement and signature intelligence SIGINT signals intelligence

Who is involved in GEOINT operations?

Army GEOINT operations are conducted by GEOINT elements that include GEOINT imagery analysts, GEOINT imagery technicians, geospatial engineers and geospatial engineering technicians, and Department of the Army civi lians.

What is GEOINT in joint operations III-7?

Geospatial Intelligence in Joint Operations III-7 b. GEOINT Perspective. Advanced coordination of GEOINT support is essential among the joint force, national agencies, CCM Ds, and multinational and host nation forces in order to form a common point of reference and framework for JIPOE.

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