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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of ISR gearboxes?

The ISR gearbox also offers two important advantages for a super sports car: a significant weight reduction and a size which is even smaller than a manual gearbox. The use of carbon fiber and derivatives is one of the characteristics which makes the Aventador S such a precise drive.

What is an ISR transmission?

That motor will be connected a new ISR transmission, also called Independent Shifting Rod transmission. This new gearbox uses dual shifting rods and it can change gears 50 percent faster than the comparable dual-clutch setup. This was also created to be lightweight, as it tips the scales at only 79 kilograms.

What is the Lamborghini ISR automatic manual gearbox?

The perfect complement is a completely new transmission concept for super sports cars: The “Lamborghini ISR” automated manual gearbox combines minimal shift times and everyday convenience with low weight and dimensions to guarantee the emotional gearshift that customers expect from a super sports car at the very top of the premier league.

What is ISR (independent shifting rod)?

The short shift times are facilitated by the special design of the transmission, known as ISR – Independent Shifting Rod. To summarize the principle – in a conventional manual gearbox, be it automated or fully manual, the gear wheels for, say, second and third gears are located side by side.

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